Be Our Guest Quick Service

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Cost: $15 – 34.99 for breakfast, $14.99 and under for lunch (according to Disney’s site, but the menu has items as high as $16.99)

Theme: Beast’s Castle, French cuisine

Food: The French inspired menu has some really delicious options that can be a welcome respite from chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers, although picky eaters may be limited in their options.

Rating: 3 out of 5 frying pans

About Our Experience(s): We were surprised to find such a long line to order and now understand why people so strongly encourage you to order online. We dined with our extended family, making a reservation for 14 people, and were disappointed to find that there were no tables that could accommodate us all sitting together. I understand it’s quick service and seat yourself, but I wish they noted that most tables seat 4-8 guests and that large parties may not be seated together (and that they’d make no effort to help you seat even close together). It was our only meal all together and we would have definitely gone elsewhere. We love the environment of the castle though and rallied, as it’s impossible to be upset when you’re inside such a beautiful space. The french onion soup is genuinely delicious and I could eat that for every meal forever, but I was disappointed by my croque monsieur. It was just okay. My cousin shared my same feelings. Todd is a somewhat picky eater and settled on the french dip sandwich, which he enjoyed, but wasn’t so outstanding that he’d want to eat it again. Ruby enjoyed her grilled cheese and turkey noodle soup, the same meal she’d eaten when we had dinner at BOG. We got a couple of desserts to split and it was universally decided that the grey stuff (Master’s Cupcake) is indeed delicious. Don’t believe us? Ask the dishes (or toddler)! Overall, we were left with an “ehh” feeling. The castle is beautiful and the food was good enough, but we don’t understand the craze and probably won’t eat lunch there again. Maybe stop in for a french onion soup and Master’s Cupcake snack though!

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