Casey’s Corner

Location: Corner of Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom

Cost: $14.99 and under

Theme: Classic American baseball

Food: Hot dogs, corn dogs, chili, and cheese fries are among the iconic meals and snacks. I can’t say enough about the soul satisfying indulgence of a macaroni and cheese topped hot dog at the end of a long day at Magic Kingdom. I mean, really. You can also use snack credits for things like chili cheese fries or an order of macaroni and cheese, which can make great full meals for smaller appetites and toddlers without their own dining plan!

Rating: 5 out of 5 frying pans

About Our Experience(s): We have stopped into Casey’s twice and been satisfied both times. The first was after fireworks, when we realized we’d been going all day and forgot to eat dinner! I love that Casey’s is open late and can be super portable on your way out of the park! The lines can get a little long at this time of night, but it’s worth it! We also stopped for lunch on another trip and enjoyed listening to Jim playing ragtime on the piano outside! It makes for an entertaining and filling meal.

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