Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cost: $35 – 59.99 for breakfast, $60 and up for lunch and dinner

Characters: Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Belle. Aurora, Jasmine

Food: Breakfast starts with a delicious pastry plate for the table to share. Entrees include traditional breakfast fare, as well as a healthy choice meal and some more decadent options like beef tenderloin with a frittata.

Rating: 2 out of 5 frying pans

About Our Experience(s): “Underwhelmed” best sums up our feelings on our breakfast. We were excited to do such a big princess meal for Ruby’s actual third birthday morning, following a makeover at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! What could be better than breakfast in Cinderella’s Castle, right? Maybe a lot of things, it turns out. Our underwhelmed feeling started at checkin, where the cast member was clearly stressed and very snippy with us. It instantly killed our magic buzz. As we made our way in, we were struck by how gorgeous everything was. It really felt like entering a castle. Meeting Cinderella, decked out in her BBB Cinderella makeover, was probably the highlight of Ruby’s three years on earth at that point. After we were seated, we began to feel like cogs in a machine. All of the waitstaff seemed stressed and rushed, the wand and Wishing Star were just dropped off in a hurry, and our waitress seemed impatient as we ordered our food. We had the same feeling as the princesses visited – they just posed for the picture and rushed off. There was no small talk and none of them wished her a happy birthday. Some of them didn’t even sign her book because they were so hurried! Ruby had to use the restroom (we were in the throes of potty training), which is downstairs, so we rushed there and back. She’d missed a princess while we were gone and we had to really advocate to get her to come back. We found the food okay, but nothing special or worth the two dining credits. We were all hungry shortly after we left. The pastry assortment was delicious though. Overall, we felt like we’d paid a lot to be rushed through our meal and feel like an inconvenience to every cast member we’d encountered. Maybe our expectations were too high, going in to such an expensive meal in such a magical place, because we expected it would feel, well, magical. From talking to other Disney lovers, I’ve found that many share our same Breakfast experience, but that lunch and dinner are better. We might consider giving lunch or dinner a try in the future, but we definitely won’t be back for breakfast. I’ll take Akershus or 1900 Park Fare over CRT any day!

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